Is this the end for Jason Momoa as Aquaman? Fans are stunned by shocking news!

Jason Momoa as Aquaman
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Rumors have been circulating that Jason Momoa may be leaving the DC Extended Universe’s Aquaman franchise after a disappointing sequel Aquaman 2. However, there is no official confirmation yet on whether Momoa will be exiting the franchise or not.

According to reports, Momoa had expressed his disappointment with the script for the upcoming Aquaman sequel, which was reportedly “terrible.” The reports claimed that Momoa had voiced his concerns to the studio, but they did not take any action to address his issues.

Momoa’s apparent dissatisfaction with the sequel’s script has led to speculation that he may be looking to exit the franchise altogether. However, some sources have suggested that Momoa is still committed to the franchise and that he is working with the studio to improve the script.

Despite the rumors, it should be noted that there has been no official confirmation from Momoa or the studio regarding his potential departure from the Aquaman franchise. It is also important to note that the sequel is still in the pre-production stage, and it is not uncommon for scripts to undergo significant changes during this phase.

The original Aquaman film, released in 2018, was a massive success at the box office, grossing over $1 billion worldwide. Momoa’s portrayal of the titular character was widely praised by both audiences and critics, leading to high expectations for the sequel.

The sequel, titled Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, is set to be directed by James Wan, who also helmed the first film. The movie is expected to explore the further adventures of Aquaman as he journeys to uncover the secrets of the lost kingdom of Atlantis.

In conclusion, while rumors of Jason Momoa’s departure from the Aquaman franchise continue to circulate, there has been no official confirmation on the matter. It remains to be seen whether Momoa will continue to play the iconic character in future installments of the franchise.

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