Judge Mathis’ New Show Will Blow Your Mind! You Won’t Believe What He Has in Store!

Judge Mathis
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Judge Greg Mathis, known for his long-running courtroom show “Judge Mathis,” has announced a new project called “Mathis Court.” The new show will be produced by Entertainment Studios and will feature Judge Mathis presiding over real cases and dispensing justice in his signature style.

“Mathis Court” will be set in a courtroom and will follow a similar format to “Judge Mathis,” which has been on the air for over 20 years. However, the new show will have a more modern feel, with high-tech graphics and a new set design.

Judge Mathis, a former Detroit district court judge, has become known for his tough but fair approach to the law. He has presided over a variety of cases on his show, from small claims to criminal trials, and has become a beloved figure in the world of daytime television.

Entertainment Studios, which produces “Judge Mathis” as well as other popular shows like “Divorce Court” and “The Verdict with Judge Hatchett,” is excited to be working on this new project with Judge Mathis. The company’s CEO, Byron Allen, has described Judge Mathis as “one of the most respected legal minds in the country” and praised his ability to “bring justice to those who need it most.”

“Mathis Court” is set to begin production in the coming months and is expected to air later this year. Fans of Judge Mathis and courtroom dramas alike will no doubt be eagerly anticipating this new show.

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