Molly Qerim shuts down Stephen A. Smith’s fashion critique with one powerful statement

Molly Qerim shuts down Stephen A. Smith's fashion critique
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Molly Qerim has rejected the style advice of Stephen A. Smith after he criticized her for wearing a recycled Snow White outfit on ESPN’s First Take. Smith had suggested that Qerim could do better in terms of her fashion choices, but Qerim stood firm and defended her decision to reuse the outfit.

During the show, Smith said, “You can do better than this, Molly. You’re too fly for this. I mean, this is like your fourth time wearing this outfit. Come on, now.” However, Qerim hit back, saying, “Stephen, I’m sorry, but I’m not one of those people who just wear an outfit once and then throws it away. I like to recycle and reuse my clothes. Plus, Snow White is a classic, and classics never go out of style.”

Qerim’s response was met with applause and support on social media, with many commending her for her environmentally conscious approach to fashion. It’s not the first time that Qerim has made headlines for her fashion choices, with the sportscaster often showcasing her unique style on First Take.

In a world where fast fashion is a major contributor to pollution and waste, it’s refreshing to see someone like Qerim making a conscious effort to reduce their impact on the environment. By choosing to reuse and recycle her clothes, Qerim is setting an example for others to follow.

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