Netflix’s “The Law According to Lidia Poet” Watched by Fans of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes

The Law According to Lidia Poet
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The Law According to Lidia Poet is a new documentary film now streaming on Netflix. It tells the story of Lidia Poet, a criminal defense lawyer in Poland, who has dedicated her life to fighting for justice and human rights. The film explores the challenges and triumphs of Lidia’s career, as well as the personal sacrifices she has made in order to pursue her passion.

One of the film’s strengths is its focus on Lidia’s personal journey. We see how her upbringing in Communist Poland shaped her worldview, and how she was inspired to become a lawyer after witnessing the injustices of the system. We also see how her work has taken a toll on her personal life, as she struggles to balance her career with her responsibilities as a mother and wife.

The film also provides a fascinating look at the legal system in Poland and the challenges faced by those seeking justice in a country with a complicated history and political landscape. Through Lidia’s cases, we see how the legal system can be used both for good and for ill, and how one person’s commitment to justice can make a difference.

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Netflix’s “The Law According to Lidia Poet” has become a global sensation, with fans of the show comparing it to Benedict Cumberbatch’s “Sherlock Holmes” and other popular legal dramas like “Suits” and “The Good Wife.” The show premiered on Netflix in January 2022 and has quickly become one of the most-watched shows on the platform.

What is “The Law According to Lidia Poet” About?

“The Law According to Lidia Poet” is a Spanish legal drama that follows the story of Lidia Poet, a young lawyer who returns to her hometown of Toledo to work at a prestigious law firm. As she navigates the complex legal world, she is forced to confront her past and the dark secrets of her family.

The Global Appeal of “The Law According to Lidia Poet”

One of the reasons why “The Law According to Lidia Poet” has become such a hit with viewers is its global appeal. The show is set in Spain, but its themes of family, love, and justice resonate with audiences from all over the world. The show’s characters are also relatable and well-developed, making it easy for viewers to become invested in their stories.

While there are many legal dramas out there, “The Law According to Lidia Poet” stands out for its unique storytelling and well-crafted characters. Fans of the show have compared it to other popular legal dramas like “Suits” and “The Good Wife,” but many have also noted similarities to Benedict Cumberbatch’s “Sherlock Holmes.” Like “Sherlock Holmes,” “The Law According to Lidia Poet” features a brilliant and unconventional protagonist who uses her wits to solve complex cases.


If you’re looking for a gripping legal drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat, then look no further than “The Law According to Lidia Poet.” With its relatable characters, compelling storylines, and global appeal, this show is sure to become a favorite for fans of the genre. So sit back, relax, and get ready to dive into the complex world of Lidia Poet and her fellow lawyers.

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